Snow & Ice

Clearing, Salting, Sanding

When snow hits your area it shouldn’t affect the safety of your employees, customers, or business.

Our Grey Team has worked on the toughest greyspaces.

Combined with our care for the planet, expert team, and top-notch electric equipment, we’re prepared to combat even the toughest elements of West Coast weather.

Armed with our owned fleet of snow removal equipment and over 45 years’ combined experience, our expert team will determine the best approach for your facility and apply salting, sanding, and brine application to ensure it is always safe from slips and falls.

When snow is on the forecast, we’re on it.

We keep an eye on the forecast so you can focus on your business. Working around the clock to ensure your operations have no downtime, you can count on the crew to clear your greyspace smoothly and efficiently so everyone can safely access your facilities.

We understand what it takes to deliver professional and reliable service, from inquiry to post-service follow-up. Our step-by-step process is thorough, leaving no questions unanswered.

The Difference

Reliable By Design

Full-Service All-Season

One Provider Simplicity

Dedicated Team & Equipment

Optimization Technology

After decades of reliable snow removal in BC’s most unpredictable weather zone, we expanded to offer the same reliability all seasons and accidentally created a new industry-leading service.


  • common areas
  • malls
  • store entrances
  • emergency exits
  • loading docks
  • hospitals
  • government buildings
  • schools
  • parking lots
  • paths
  • walkways
  • wheelchair ramps
  • driveways
  • sidewalks
  • warehouse entrances
  • stairs

Protecting Your Property with Every Detail

We value the safety of your property just as much as we do the safety of your patrons. We keep an eye on every detail and learn the ins and outs of your property to avoid damage.


Assigned to tackle the
largest lots to the
smallest turns.

sidewalk salters

A narrow spray ensures salt
lands only on concrete – not
on your landscaping.


Plows are equipped with
rubber-edge blades to
ensure asphalt, curbs &
speed bumps are always

Our Sustainable Promise

Our sustainable promise is to be a 0-net provider by 2025. We are making strides through the use of electric tools, carbon credits, and investing in a fully electric fleet.