Move It Or Lose It

I know, I know, sounds like an admonishment, but it really does drive home a point. A truth.

Your neural system and muscles adapt best to what they do most. So if you want to stay relevant in the game of life and push back at feebleness then may I humbly recommend adding athletic based exercise to your health and fitness programming. Strength work is of course essential but on it’s own doesn’t address the need to get and maintain the neural pathways required to keep you agile or reflexive. The hallmark of an inactive person as they age is a steady, relentless “enfeebling” – the classic old person shuffle.

There are natural physical declines and then there are self imposed steepening of those declines. By giving up on an active lifestyle you are essentially increasing that decline towards “feebledom”.

I pepper my programming with reactive strength, cone and agility practice and of course sprinty runs. During the summer season I’ll use Riverdale Park so as to take advantage of the 120m hill. The rest of the time this stuff can be accomplished in the main gymnasium at my YMCA.

So if your over 30, now is the time to commit to engaging in this type of exercise. Be that 60 year old that moves like an athlete! As for those who are already at this age…”what the heck are you waiting for!”!

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