Stay Agile. Stay Relevant As You Age

Power and agility are the first things to go as you get older. I hope you come to cherish and respect these abilities because they will make or break you as you get older. The more you use your “power producers” to run, jump and cut, the stronger and more stable those producers will become.

Just because we all live in a high tech sedentary jungle doesn’t mean we can’t get all primal when we exercise. “KEEP THE ANIMAL IN YOU ALIVE!”

I recently came across this article regarding a study by the Air Force Research Labratory that found increased cognative performance by using agility exercises. I am thrilled that someone out there is doing this research but I think we all have that intuitive “moving it and using it to keep from losing it” understanding about this stuff.

Here are some ways to keep from losing it (not just agility ladders) and please keep in mind that these are only samples of many such exercises and should be a part of a well thought out programme. I fit this type of practice in almost every session:


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