What Is Your Training Vision

Strength, conditioning, power, speed, mobility, flexibility, agility. You have probably heard these words if you spend any time in or around phys-ed circles and gyms. They are all very important to your health and fitness but which, how much, how often and where? Good programming is a must here.

Also important is having a “vision” or knowing what you want. Something that fits your psychological profile. May I humbly propose that you choose a favourite sport, activity or athlete to base your gym programming on. Something or someone you can emulate. I’m not advocating advanced training here because there is a wealth of exercises that can be regressed for beginners which are very effective and fun to do while developing your athleticism. Indeed it is highly motivating to see yourself getting stronger, faster and more agile.

In my case, my training partner and I have chosen to plan and programme with our martial arts backgrounds and appreciation for field sports as our “gym identity”. And I have to admit that a bit of Spider-Man is in there somewhere 🙂 Armed with an “identity” enables you to research, learn and plan on a more focused approach so that you’re motivated to WANT to train rather than HAVE to exercise.

You may only be interested in improving your appearance. There are plenty of big name bodybuilders for you to emulate. A heads up though. Bodybuilding routines and pretty much most basic fitness club programmes will not develop or help you maintain a “move as good as you look” person. On the other hand, in my experience, the programming information for athletic training tends to include a balanced approach with all of the attributes I listed at the beginning peppered throughout its programmed schedules. So my argument is that you’ll look great AND move great. More bang for the buck is always a good thing.

So in closing I’d like to drive home the point of concentrating on a “fitness indentity” to help you research, programme and motivate yourself to bring on that inner field sport guy or swimmer or track star or…even Spiderman?

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